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4 Reasons Why Healthcare Staffing Should Be Using Hubspot

The healthcare staffing industry has many moving parts, which can get chaotic quickly. So, when you’re part of the marketing, sales, and client services teams, a powerful tool like Hubspot can be a life (and sanity) saver. Hubspot makes it easier to manage components like building relationships with travelers and facilities, giving insight into where and how to nurture those leads further, and consistently and confidently providing quality content and resources. All while collecting essential data in one tidy—hub.

Omnio is a proud Hubspot partner, and we think almost any industry could benefit from utilizing it. However, today we’d like to dive into why the platform is worth the investment for healthcare staffing.

Reason 1: More effective tracking

One of the most critical metrics in healthcare staffing is optimizing marketing for effective return on investment (ROI). Healthcare staffing is crowded, so knowing what works and what doesn’t is essential. HubSpot can track ROI at macro and micro levels. From website visits to individual pieces of content. Understanding how to use the reporting tools is vital to reducing acquisition costs because it allows you to plan better during every step.

Some key metrics Hubspot can help you track include:

  • Traveler retention

  • Engagement and lead scoring

  • Content effectiveness

  • SEO rankings

  • Response time to inquiries

Reason 2: Ability to automate laborious processes

Processes like Compliance are very elaborate sections of the healthcare staffing process that can often get a bad rap because of how complicated and lengthy they can be. Hubspot can automate those pesky but pertinent tasks included in Compliance, like automating emails to travelers when their credentials need to be renewed and follow-ups to confirm. Additionally, if an email gets bounced by a traveler— you can see it, which can be immensely useful when testing new approaches.

Not just Compliance benefits from automation; however, think of the time and energy this can save recruiters— and therefore travelers— during correspondence.

Reason 3: More efficient workflows

It’s not just Compliance that can benefit from utilizing Hubspot. Their workflow integrations combine the power of HubSpot workflows with apps to help you automate business processes across tools and systems in one place. For example, by integrating CRM with tools like DocuSign, you can eliminate unnecessary stumbling blocks to make things more efficient.

Furthermore, the right integrations consistently ensure you’re not duplicating work and wasting time, especially in critical economic times. In 2022, one out of every five businesses reported they pivoted from their established plan due to the oncoming recession. Supportive, integrated tools can ensure your team remains efficient even when shifting course.

Reason 4: It’s a one-stop platform

Is reason four arguably a bit of a bundle of reasons 1-3? Yeah, but it holds merit, nonetheless. HubSpot can be the central core to house your content strategy, generate more qualified traffic, and improve your SEO. Besides helping you plan and optimize your content, HubSpot will also analyze your website to suggest related topics that might engage visitors and offer helpful suggestions to improve SEO for every page.

Throw it all together, and what do you have?

The simple answer: a plethora of ways to close leads faster in a competitive market. Efficiency will make you stand out.

In terms of SEO alone, achieving a high rank on the first page of Google is essential because 67% of clicks go to the top five websites, while the 6th-10th yields less than 4%. Moreover, people rarely look at, let alone click, on anything past the first page.

Hubspot success stories in healthcare

When VirtaMed aligned its sales and marketing with HubSpot and streamlined its lead nurturing process, it saw a 39% increase in traffic. Triage Staffing claims that with Hubspot, their Compliance team members are saving roughly 80 hours in ensuring that traveler credentials are current.

Other case studies show healthcare industry professionals like Avella Specialty Pharmacy increased traffic 4x with HubSpot for content optimization and increased conversions to their landing pages by 38%. Conversant Bio, a leader in tissue procurement for pharmaceutical research, increased overall leads by 2.5x, qualified leads by 7x, and marketing ROI by a staggering 3,558% after moving to Hubspot.

These are just a few stories about how HubSpot can be a game-changer for healthcare marketing.

Bonus Pro Tip: Partner with a Hubspot Agency Partner like Omnio

Hubspot is a wonderland, but we cannot ignore that it’s a hefty platform that demands considerable attention to overcome the learning curve. Feeling overwhelmed but want to invest in reaping all the benefits? Partner with Omnio!

Omnio’s team is full of Hubspot-certified experts that can strategically implement marketing strategies. Contact our team today to learn more about what Hubspot and Omnio can do for you.

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