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How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome in Digital Marketing

We’ve all heard the phrase, “fake it ‘till you make it." To that, I say— how do I know when I made it so I can stop faking it?

Imposter syndrome is the phenomenon that happens when high-achieving individuals internalize a collection of feelings of inadequacy caused by self-doubt, culminating in downplaying or denying any sense of accomplishment. Imposter syndrome is an established but growing issue many individuals deal with. A study showed that 82% of people say they’ve experienced the sensation of Imposter Syndrome.

In digital marketing, much pressure is put on innovation, which can quickly become overwhelming. So, what do you do after “faking it?” We’ll explore a few tactics to keep you on track and maintain your confidence (and sanity) while doing so.

What are the warning signs of Imposter Syndrome?
  • avoidance of feedback

  • reluctance to ask for help

  • downplaying achievements

  • attributing success to external factors

  • overworking towards burnout

What to do when you feel like you don’t know what the $@#* you’re doing

Although there’s no distinct cure for imposter syndrome, there are helpful tricks to keep in your pocket. I tend to think of them like Dickensian Christmas ghosts that can whisper in my ear.

You can do this (Present)

Start by setting reasonable expectations to give yourself measurable signs of success, growth, and areas for improvement. Stop blaming your limitations on mistakes or failures and attributing your success to luck alone. Failures are part of life. No one expects you to be perfect, especially when learning something new.

Next, remember that success is in the eye of the beholder— so put a good frame on it. What do I mean by this? Rephrase your internal monologue to frame what you see as flaws as opportunities. Emphasize the processes you took instead of the level of achievement or outcome.

  • “They can tell I don’t know what I’m doing,” becomes “I may not know the exact answers now, but I’m smart enough to figure them out.”

  • “I am not talented enough to be here,” turns into “I was hired because they think I can add value. I can learn a lot from my team and will only get better by asking for their thoughts.”

  • “I screwed up,” shifts to “Now I know what I want to do better next time.”

You have done this (Past)

A common trait among people who experience Imposter Syndrome is perfectionism. So, before you say you’ve never achieved anything meaningful— check the facts. It might feel strange to do so at first but keep a list of your accomplishments and newly acquired skills— big and small — in a spreadsheet or journal that you can refer to. Acknowledging incremental progress can help internalize and claim ownership of success instead of diminishing achievements due to outside factors. This type of cataloging can also more effectively pinpoint and articulate how, why, and what you’ve done when you’d like to discuss raises or promotions.

You will do this (Future)

There are plenty of times when starting in a new position or on a new project when you will have to do things you’ve never done. Don’t let yourself fear asking for help. You don’t need to (or feel like you need) know everything about everything. Finding a mentor can be a great option to continue learning or candidly share thoughts to equip yourself better to recognize imposter syndrome. Seeking diverse perspectives will further your confidence. Additionally, a mentor may also suggest new opportunities where you can shine and gain visibility on your team.

What to do when you don’t know what the $@#* to do about your marketing

Accepting when you can use the resources around you can stop self-inflected burn-out. Let our team take lead gen strategies, social media management, and content off your plate. Want to be more hands-on? Don’t worry. We can still help you out. One of Omnio’s founding values is that ongoing education is a pillar of a business’ growth. Besides its suite of marketing services, Omnio offers consultation for small existing teams looking to up their marketing game.

Contact us today to learn more about how Omnio can take your marketing efforts to the next level for the success you’re looking for.

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